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Cista Arts Galleries, London UK

According to John Locke (English philosopher and physician), a person's identity only reaches as far as their memory extends into the past. In other words, who one is critically depends upon what one remembers. Thus, as a person's memory begins to disappear, so does their identity. All artists with a different artistic approach reflected their individual and exceptional experience around the theme ‘Memory and Identity’. 

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Agnieszka Kot, Alan J Ward, Alice Harley, Amanda Durig, Annie Trevorah, Aysha Choudhury, Ben Sheppee, Cameron Scott, Caren Keyser, Chrysanthe Maggidis, Claire Jackson, Cristina Mocan, Deborah Root, Emily Tull, Grant Lambie, Hafifa Ahmed, Helen Stone, Ian Bride, Irirna Sokolova, Jay Goldberg, Jude Lin, Kate Anderson, Mary Low, Mary Millner, Maryam Tavakoli, Matt Noir, Melusine Brosse, Michele Noble, Nabeel Alsamman, Natalia Millman, Natasha Voronchikhina, Paige Whitaker, Pip Woolf, Rachel Glen, Sally Spinks, Sara Townley, Sarah McAlister, Seitaro Yamazaki, Shani Eldar, Shuntao Li, Zoe Maxwell.

Please visit the website of the Cista Arts Gallery for more information:


Memory and Identity” Cista Arts Gallery Online Exhibition and Magazine, , London, UK

(December 5th – 30th, 2022)

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