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These drawings focus on the human figure through phases of gesture. I create a narrative based on physical language, the expansion and contraction of multiple interactions inherent in the body, rather than through facial identification. The poses and lighting allude alternately to the motion or absolute stillness of time.           

The difficult athletic postures and dramatic illumination distort and exaggerate shapes and proportions, building a sense of tension and anxiety within the work.


The medium of charcoal is ideally suited to my approach due to its transient physicality: reflecting motion, change, and non-permanent transformation. There is a sense of history within the medium, remembering every mark, erasure, blur, and overlap.

The works vary in size displaying either an entire figure or extreme cropped sections of the body, and reflect personal experiences based on the essence of psychological darkness; anger, depression, isolation, and questioning self-worth. The work is meant to be confrontational to the viewer, bringing those thoughts or questions to the surface. 

Dickinson College's Trout Gallery Catalogue "Eidolon" Exhibition
(April 29 - May 21, 2016)

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